• Your staff planning in full control

    Staff occupation fully secured, based on skills, groups and locations. Self Rostering or the classical way.

  • Manage your time easier

    Control and be fully in charge of your availability for work

  • Tasks and Time Registration

    Manual or fully automated. Always and everywhere. You are in command.

  • Safe and Secure

    Security by design as it is your data. In full compliance with GDPR / EU guidelines.

  • Dashboard

    Complete overview of occupancy, To Do’s and bottlenecks. Manage your business the easy way.

  • Easy of Use

    24/7, real-time overview of you planning and tasks. The app protects your working hours and automatically complies with the working hours law

  • Savings

    Immediate cost-savings through more efficient planning, communication and 100% perfect time and leave registration.

  • Cloud based

    Work securely and safely in the Cloud. No long, expensive installation. Fast and easy implementation

  • Safe

    Fully AVG/GDPR compliant. Your date is securely saved and will not be used for any other purposes. Piece of mind!

Free to Work!

TimeQuard is a completely new, all-in-one, web application that fully integrates Work Planning, Time Registration and Work Pool management. All in one simple and extremely practical app.

TimeQuard is the perfect tool for self-managing teams, Flexpools, full-/part-time employees and Managers. Schedule your roster yourself with your own smartphone and have your worked time/leave of absence automatically registered.

You decide when you want to be free and when you want to work.

TimeQuard facilitates a better work/private time balance.


Staff Planning

Simply set up your staff occupation with the app and be always guaranteed of the right skills on the work floor.

Balans werk en prive

Self Rostering

Make your choice of the classic way, our hybrid version or full Self Rostering. We optimise your balance between private time and work.

Relaxed taken beheer


Just a reminder or your work program on the app, you decide!

Multi groep en team talent


Fully supports work in multiple departments or locations.

Timequard puts the employee first

The smart TimeQuard app is intuitive, easy to use and has a clear interface. Expensive packages, long-term implementation or training are not required with TimeQuard. Our app is self-explanatory, is cloud-based and part of a complete online Mobile Workforce Management platform.

With a built-in chat function, the possibility to exchange workings hours/shifts, the use of Jokers to block time and the generation and use of bonus points on the basis of behavior, TimeQuard makes creating a perfectly suitable work schedule fun and easy.

TimeQuard is the ideal tool for Self Rostering teams: the app creates a much better balance between work and private life, makes place and time independent work and collaboration and sharing possible. It creates a flexible and effective organization that makes efficient use of existing resources.

And all at low cost.

For who has TimeQuard been developed?

For every organisation, healthcare institution, cooperative and company that:

  • wants its employees themselves, or together with the department or team, to plan their work schedule efficiently
  • wants the planner or manager to have 24/7, real-time insight into the planning, staff occupation, work schedule(s) and tasks
  • wants to register the worked times and leave of absence effectively with an automatic link to the salary administration
  • has few or no management layers and wants to make the staff (more) responsible for their own output
  • seeks control and insight in the staff planning in a simple and effective way
Are you working in a hospital, nursing home or care for the disabled and do you find the balance between private and work important?

Do you work in a SME company and are you looking for a flexible solution for your staff planning/occupation problem?

Great App! Easy to use and has made the duties of our planner obsolete: our staff is planning itself! Saves us time and money and puts our staff in charge.

Jan PietersenCEO

Well done guys! Top App! This is exactly what we were looking for. No more planning gaps, happy staff, better insight and communication all at good price. Super!

Eveline BrouwerAlgemeen Manager