Digital Staff Planning and Rostering

with TimeQuard:
easy and efficient!

Why TimeQuard for Health/Day Care?

TimeQuard is a fully integrated, time registration & staff planning application especially developed to make the life off Planners easier and to facilitate (Self)Rostering in Healthcare. TimeQuard digitises your entire Planning process. Our App supports increased staff responsibility and fully supports self-managing teams in a practical way. At the same time it facilitates and enables easy and efficient Team and Flex Pool planning.

Plan in the ‘classic’way of centralised planning but now in a new and aesy digital form. Or choose for Self Rostering: instead of ‘imposed from above’ or ‘compulsory’ work schedules, the staff/ team plan their own work schedule, roster, hours/time worked, leave and/or holidays. All via the simple App on their smartphone.

The app automatically synchronises with the team calendar and automatically keeps track of worked hours and annual leave with the salary administration.

Sharing, ease of use and efficiency: that’s what TimeQuard stands for!

TimeQuard digitises the complete planning and presence registration process. Plan yourself, or together with your colleagues, your own work schedule, share and communicate all your work information within your team. Clock in at each work location and the app registers exactly your worked hours. All via your own smartphone.

With 24/7 insight into the complete schedule via your own web portal and with an automatic hourly update to the salary administration.

For Healthcare institutions that still work with ‘old’ forms of work schedules and planning, TimeQuard has developed a ‘hybrid’ solution within the app to make a gradual switch to Self Rostering possible. This way, everyone within your organisation can test the app and get used to this new form of planning and working together.

TimeQuard Advantages

  • Easier, more efficient digitised planning with optimised staff occupation
  • Happier Planners spending less time on complicated rosters and schedules
  • More satisfied employees who are themselves/together at the steeringwheel of their own planning.
  • Less staff turnover as employees are given more responsibility.
  • Cost savings through more efficient planning, communication and 100% perfect time and leave registration.
  • Time saving because employees plan themselves, a planner becomes superfluous.
  • Communicate better with your team members or colleagues anytime and anywhere via the app. At home or at work.
  • Automatic synchronisation with department/team calendars.
  • Automatic synchronisation with central planning & salary administration.
  • 24/7 real-time insight via your own web portal

Staff Planning and Self Rostering with TimeQuard: the easiest way to get results quickly!


Special functionalities for a special sector. You care for your patients and clients, we care for you!

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